Digital PR—integrate with SEO

ICT Media    16-Dec-2021
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Digital PR in the present digital age is associated with the opportunities related to the visibility of the brand. With the change of time, the concepts too have changed as far as the traditional PR is concerned. ICT Media is following a digital approach in the PR tactics like strategic event coordination, press release distribution, crisis communication, reputation management, trade shows, advantage from traditional media like TV, radio and newspaper and more.
ICT media applies strategies of both traditional and digital PR to the point where both converge. With such a convergence, there is a benefit because connectivity is both made and managed. With the digital PR, there is an additional advantage of SEO [Search Engine Optimization] apart from link building across internet.
SEO and Digital PR operate together in more than one way. If you generate top quality content, you can earn backlinks to the website. Added back links on your site depends on the volume of media coverage your brand gets. After that, if your PR strategy is excellent; you will have wider connectivity with the influencers related to the industry you are associated with. By this, you will get added links from your social media posts and blogs thus increasing SEO [search engine optimization].
ICT Media believes that digital PR realm is identified more clearly compared to the traditional one. Digital PR aids in increasing brand visibility online. When you do SEO with digital PR, the fusion becomes extra strong only if executed with plan.