Communication Strategy

ICT Media    05-Jan-2021
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Communication Strategy - Save brand with promt and corrective action
Generally it's thought that public relations are limited to releasing advertisements and getting the positive coverage done about the organization through various media platforms. But sometimes the organization’s forget that communication is a two way process. Let's remember that satisfaction of stakeholders is the key to good brand image.
Some organizations think that communication from their end is done and the job is finished. No, it's not like that.
I just recall a famous case study of Domino's, where two of its employees posted a video on YouTube while making pizza in a disgusting manner and as a failure at communications front the company didn't respond to the situation immediately and kept waiting for two days, to issue an apology. This was delayed action which damaged the image of brand within hours as reported by New York Times.
This situation was a crisis situation and needed immediate and corrective action, but the delayed action resulted huge losses to the brand.
Managing crisis situation at communications front is an art and can be practiced with years of experience in hand. Organizations should choose their communicators' very selectively and not by chance.
Asheesh Tayal