Essense of Public Relations

ICT Media    26-Jun-2020
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Every now and then we talk of public relations (PR) but most often we forget the very essence of it i.e authenticity. It's known to everyone that advertising is paid for and public relations is preyed for. Sometimes public relations practitioners put their lives for their clients but they don't get the desired results because of lack of authenticity, credibility, creativity, and clarity in the communication they do for their clients. Its actually not the job of labor but it's the job of exposure and contacts.
Getting publicity is not the definition. The definition is to win the heart of stakeholders of every segment. Sometimes people put untrained, inexperienced professionals on the job which may lead to grave results to the organization in the long term. While choosing a public relations professional for your organization, one should be cautious enough to find out a true and credible person. If the PR man is just a yes man and doesn't suggest the right solutions, your organization may be in the wrong hands. Merely singing a good song about the client every time may lead to the perception of cheap publicity and incredibility of communications among stakeholders.
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