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Google reviews are incredibly important—88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. Not only are they often the final factor that tips prospects to customers, but they also hold a lot of weight in the current search algorithm. i.e., More, better reviews = Higher search rankings, more leads, and sales, and increased revenue.
If you’re struggling to improve your online presence, stay tuned—in this article I’ll give you 06 ways to get more Google reviews, and practical tips on how to pull it off.
Before we get into the meat of this guide, there’s something you should know: 85 percent of consumers don’t trust reviews more than three months old, and 40 percent only look at reviews from the past two weeks.
What that means is that it’s not enough to get 100 5-star reviews and call it quits. You need to continuously ask for them, so your review profile is always fresh. You can easily do this by incorporating the six review generation strategies below into your marketing plan.
1. Ask Customers Directly for a Google Review
One of the easiest ways to get a Google review is to ask!
Asking for reviews is often the most direct way to ensure satisfied customers receive your request.
If you’re on the phone with a happy customer, ask them to write a review. It’s that easy!
2. Send a Follow-Up Email for More Google Reviews
After a successful job ends send your customer a follow-up email and ask them to leave you a Google review.
In your email be sure to:
Be personal
Thank your customer for choosing you
Tell your customer you appreciate and read all feedback
Tell your customer why feedback is important
Provide a direct link for visitors to leave you a Google review
3. Add a Review Link to Your Website to Get More Google Reviews
Another easy way to get more Google reviews is to add a review link to your website or create a custom review link.
A custom Google review link is exactly what it sounds like—a custom URL you can create where your clients can leave you a review. When someone clicks on your custom Google review link, a box like this pops up:

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Google Review Popup
4. Add Calls-to-Action and Popups on Your Website
People procrastinate. You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that.
Nudge procrastinators by having plenty of calls-to-action on your website, and even by adding a small pop-up encouraging the user to leave a review. Chances are you’ve seen these popups and CTAs at work—typically they something like, “Are you enjoying [insert product here]? Leave us a review!” I know I see them every time I use half my apps on my smartphone, and multiple times a day as I browse websites I use for work.
5. Respond to Your Reviewers
We always recommend responding to online reviews—both positive and negative.
If a customer leaves a positive review, say thank you!
If a customer leaves a negative review, follow the steps below:
Address the issue
Apologize for the issue (even if your company is in the wrong)
Attempt to resolve the issue privately
Google acknowledges companies that respond to Google reviews.
Don’t believe us? Check out what Google officially said about reviews.
6. Provide Great Customer Service
Online reviews are often similar to the six o’clock evening news—you only hear the bad and not the good.
By far the easiest way to get a Google review is to provide great customer service to every customer you interact with.
If a customer is blown away with your company, the service you provide, the product they purchased, or the experience they had, they’ll feel compelled to leave a review (use steps 1-9 to help ensure it’s a Google review!).